The iBIBLE Art Team Is Growing!

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with a company in India to work on art and animation for the iBIBLE The Life of Christ episodes! Step behind the scenes to see stunning in-process artwork and learn more about this exciting partnership.


Recently, an art and animation team in India watched episodes of iBIBLE and reached out to us about wanting to help create new episodes. This partnership will help to speed up the rate at which iBIBLE episodes can be produced by growing our global team of artists. This team, in turn, will be trained in the iBIBLE art style for upcoming episodes.


After initial training, the team in India has been able to create beautiful images that match the style and quality of the iBIBLE teams in Costa Rica and Greece. A few of the scenes this new team has worked on include Mary and Joseph, Simeon, and baby Jesus. You can see their work featured throughout this email.


Every person involved with iBIBLE is working together to bring the completed episodes of iBIBLE to you and the global missions community for FREE. Prayerfully consider a generous donation today to help support the script-writing, illustration, animation, production, and distribution of iBIBLE. Thank you for your continued support!


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