In 2019, RevelationMedia released the animated feature film, The Pilgrim’s Progress. We are now on a mission to animate the entire Bible and deliver it FREE to the global mission’s community!

iBIBLE will be available on DVD, online and through an APP for the more than 5 billion smartphones around the globe. It will be the world’s first visual and interactive Bible, presenting the entire Biblical Narrative, from Genesis to the final Revelation, as one cohesive story.

animated pages
hours of GOD’s Word brought to life!
Divine Narrative.

Unlike traditional stories based on the Bible, iBIBLE utilizes 90+% scripture and contain no added dialogue, characters or backgrounds stories. As chapters are completed, they will be free to translate into any of the world’s 7,000+ living languages.

The first version of iBIBLE, with the first ten chapters, is scheduled to release late 2020 for the iPhone. Additional chapters will release quarterly until complete!

With over 100,000 million Bibles printed annually, it’s time to break the distribution, literacy and language barriers with a visual and interactive presentation of God’s Word.

About Revelation Media

RevelationMedia is on the forefront of delivering engaging and culturally relevant animated films. Films that promote Biblical literacy, discipleship and world evangelism. Films that are ALWAYS free to the missionary.

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