The Divine Narrative

What is the Word of God?

We believe the Word of God is presented in three distinct ways.

The Bible – The infallible written record.
Jesus – The living manifestation.
Narrative (Story) – The spoken Word, actively shared with the world.

Divine Narrative: All individual events of the Holy Scripture, from Creation to the Second Coming of Christ, connecting together and revealing a single story of God’s redemptive plan for mankind.

As we learn the Biblical Narrative, we build a foundation of faith, evangelism, discipleship and further understanding of our role in God’s Kingdom. Scholars define the Divine Narrative as comprising four major parts. 1. Creation; 2. The Fall; 3. Redemption and 4. Restoration. Or as one scholar stated simply, “Creation Restored”.

Today, Divine Narrative is replaced by devotional snippets, passages taken out of context, and even the dismissing of the Old Testament. In many countries, people are turning to Christ in record number. However, with limited teaching and Bible resources, compounded by the inability to read, discipleship fails.

Currently, no visual presentation of God’s Divine Narrative exists. There are countless stories based on the Bible, but none succeed in presenting all the significant events, using actual Scripture, and as a single cohesive story.

Help us revolutionize Bible engagement and produce the world’s first visual and interactive presentation of God’s complete and Divine Narrative — iBIBLE.