• Who is iBIBLE for?

    iBIBLE is for the next generation of Believers (our children and grandchildren) and for the global mission’s community. It is interesting to note, they both speak the same visual (sign and sound) language! The iBIBLE also benefits missionaries serving on the frontlines of missions where most of the communities they minister in, are largely illiterate. In addition, iBIBLE is critical in distribution within restricted and hostile nations where obtaining a print Bible can be difficult and extremely dangerous.

  • When will it be ready?

    We will release the first ten chapters late this year, with new chapters being added quarterly until all 150+ chapters are complete.

  • How can I get it?

    iBIBLE will initially be available for iPhone and then online (accessible by browser for Android and any computer). Shortly thereafter DVDs will also be made available. An iBIBLE app for Android will follow in 2021. Monthly donors will also have exclusive access to scripts, scenes and characters as they are being produced.

  • How long is each chapter?

    Approximately 7 minutes. iBIBLE will be approximately 18 hours in Total length for 150+ chapters. Including the Resources section, the iBIBLE will comprise around 30 hours of Bible engagement. Users can engage with each page, chapter and resources at will. Interesting note: Reading through the entire Bible would take about 50-60 hours.

  • Will it be the whole Bible?

    It will not be word-for-word of the entire Bible. It will be an entire narrative (the first time in history) of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The iBIBLE script will be approximately 100,000 words (roughly 90% from scripture) and will cover every significant event revealed in Scripture. IMPORTANT: No dialogue or characters are added that are not from scripture.

  • How much will it cost?

    Our team of artists, animators and programmers, will work an estimated 1 million manhours to complete the iBIBLE, Apps and resources. This equates to $25M in hard costs and breaks down to roughly $160,000 per chapter and $8,000 per page. The average salary for this team is approximately $15 an hour + $10 allotted for support and overhead.

    In contrast, up to $500M is spent annually on printed Bibles. If 10% of funds used to print Bibles in a single year, were allotted to a visual Bible project like iBIBLE, the project would be completely funded with translations started in all 7,000+ living languages.

    iBIBLE is fully supported by individual donors and ministry partners who have a vision to impact the world with a visual Bible, accessible to all. Join Now

  • Are there other similar projects?

    NO. While there are other excellent Bible resources, videos and illustrated books, there is not a presentation of God’s Word covering the entire Biblical narrative using actual Scripture and presented as a single cohesive story.

  • How long will it take to finish?

    The first 10 chapters launch this year after beta-testing the iPhone app. Pre-production is nearly complete through the book of Genesis. “How Long?” is directly related to funding. Our goal is to finish the iBIBLE by 2030 including translations begun in all 7,000+ living languages of the world. The timeframe for production can be reduced to as little as 5 years with adequate funding being made available. It could take longer than 2030 if funding is limited. We will work diligently utilizing all available resources, until the iBIBLE is complete and available in every language.

  • What are the first ten chapters?

    The first ten chapters for iBIBLE are below:

    1. Creation
    2. The Fall
    3. Cain & Abel
    4. The Great Flood
    5. The Tower of Babel
    6. Job’s Trial
    7. Job’s Restoration
    8. Abraham & Sarai
    9. Sodom & Gomorrah
    10. Birth of Isaac
  • Why is it being produced in chronological order?

    A traditional narrative is chronological order. However, if a person or ministry wishes to sponsor specific chapter(s), we will honor their request and produce accordingly.

  • Will there be resources for parents and teachers?

    YES! Each chapter ends with an in-depth resource section. This section highlights characters, locations and timelines and reviews God’s instructions, promises and interactions. We also include trivia and Scripture memory for students, devotionals for parents and suggested outlines for teachers. Most importantly, the resource section connects events from previous chapters revealing the one cohesive story of God’s Divine Narrative. More about the Divine Narrative.

  • How are the scripts being written?

    The scripts are primarily written and supervised by iBIBLE Executive Producer, Steve Cleary. Scripts go through a series of steps internally with team members and externally with Biblical Scholars and even iBIBLE supporters for review.

    Whereas the scripts are based on Scripture, the goal of each script is simply to reflect the events as revealed in Scripture, without any implied theology or background stories. We are prayerfully committed to maintain Scriptural integrity. From time to time, we go back and improve the scripts and/or visuals based on viewer feedback.

  • Which translations are the scripts based on?

    Scripts are written based on multiple Bible translations. The three primary translations used are King James Version, Complete Jewish Translation and the English Standard Version. While the scripts often paraphrase Scripture, there are no added characters, dialogue or background stories.

  • How will you maintain the integrity of the translation?

    Firstly, our scripts are made with consultation from Bible scholars. Secondly, with an “open-source” model of opening the audio and/or written translations, the app will be fully accessible to people in that community or group. Translators with some level of credibility and a secondary reference can submit their translations. Just like with other open source “wiki” type communities, other leaders in those communities will help review and shape the translations for each people group, building on the knowledge and experience of others that have gone before.

  • How is iBIBLE different from any other Bible projects?

    iBIBLE is focused purely on telling the Biblical (Divine) Narrative, compared to collections of Bible stories based (sometimes loosely) on the actual Scripture. The Divine Narrative is defined as all the individual events of the Holy Scripture, from Creation to the Second Coming of Christ, connecting together to reveal a single story of God’s redemptive plan for mankind. More about the Divine Narrative.

  • Why is Narrative important?

    Without a grasp of the entire Bible, new Believers (and even mature Believers) can be easily distracted, or worse, with various doctrines. We believe a basic understanding of the entire Bible is critical to build a firm foundation of faith, to understand our present role in God’s Kingdom, and ultimately to disciple others in Christ.

    There are two distinct ways of studying Scripture. Systematic Theology and Narrative Theology. Systematic Theology is the study of a single subject as it is revealed within the entire Bible. In contrast, Narrative Theology is the study of all that is contained with a single or series of specific Biblical events. While we believe both are valid and important, a well-established understanding of the Narrative is critical in any Biblical study. Unfortunately, Narrative Theology is often set aside to focus on individual Bible verses and devotional snippets easily leading to one’s own interpretation of the events.

  • What was the motivation for starting the iBIBLE?

    The vision for the iBIBLE started with a dream in 2015 where God revealed to RevelationMedia founder, Steve Cleary, an assignment to produce a significant project that would change the world. Through prayer and God’s leading Steve came to realize that project was to be a visual narrative of the entire Bible.

    Production began in 2016 as a DVD series entitled “The Animated Bible Series”. With the growing number of smartphones worldwide, a prototype of an App was created in 2019 and the project was relaunched as the iBIBLE.

  • How does iBIBLE reach people who don’t have a smartphone or internet connection?

    While we are confident most people will experience the iBIBLE on their phones, the iBIBLE will also be available on DVD, Micro and Standard SD cards and on our portable projection system (now in development) called the StoryBox.

  • Are there ways I can help outside of donating?

    YES. First and foremost, we need prayer. This is a massive undertaking and we need God’s people to support us in prayer for resources, creativity, ingenuity and in spiritual warfare. As you can imagine Satan would not want the iBIBLE to exist. Secondly you can help by getting the word out about the iBIBLE to churches, ministries and individuals who may want to help. Join our email list & request a team member of iBIBLE to speak at our church or event.

  • Do you have openings for interns or ministry staff?

    YES. We consider each person God is leading to help with RevelationMedia and iBIBLE. While we are not able to increase our paid staff at this time (many are currently volunteering) we welcome you to apply as an intern or if you are able to raise or provide for your own support. Most openings are for positions in our Dallas, TX office. Positions are also available for local representatives who are gifted and experienced in public ministry and church presentations.

  • Can I join your animation team?

    YES. However, our animation team is located in San Jose, Costa Rica and artists/animators are required to live in the area and work within that pay scale of our current Costa Rican staff. Experience in concept art, sketching, coloring and/or animation, along with a minimum commitment, is naturally required. A good knowledge of the Spanish language would also be helpful although not required.