The Angel of the Lord Meets Hagar by the Water

This week's sneak peek into iBIBLE comes from Genesis 16 when Hagar flees into the wilderness to escape Sarai, her mistress. Step behind the scenes of iBIBLE and look at some of the beautiful artwork used in iBIBLE Episode 11: The Birth of Ishmael.


Hagar's reflection in the water in the spring is vividly reflected, intended to show her troubled expression as she tries to figure out what to do next. The next scene shows the Angel of the Lord on the other side of the spring, appearing both ethereal and yet solid at the same time.


Hagar's face reveals the extent of her sorrow, but she is met with good news: God will make her son into a great nation, and that she should not fear or despair. This is a beautifully rendered interpretation of a touching scene of God's provision and care.


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