The 3D Manger Scene in Both Night and Day

The manger scene has been depicted in various ways throughout history, oftentimes with Jesus, Joseph, and Mary taking shelter in a kind of stable. Most likely, however, they would have stayed in a cave-like opening. In today’s behind-the-scenes look into iBIBLE, see the 3D renderings of the manger scene during both night and day.

This bright and vivid daytime image of the manger scene calls attention to the cave-like features of the enclosure, showing how the space was modified with wooden beams and walls to make it suitable for animals to stay in. Most buildings and structures in ancient Israel were built with stone, not wood, and caves were often used as stables for animals. This particular "cave" turned out to be the birthplace of the King of the universe.


This next image shows the outside of the cave with a small fire burning within, illuminating the manger scene.


Below is another nighttime image of the manger scene, now from the perspective from inside the enclosure. See how realistic the fire and the sparks look, as well as the fine detail of the manger and the two small stools beside it.


These images are just a small glimpse of the upcoming New Testament animated series: iBIBLE Life of Christ. With episodes planned to start releasing later this year, the art team is reconstructing and animating the world that Jesus walked with Biblical accuracy and stunning visuals. Help keep iBIBLE free to the global missions community and the world by donating today.

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