Research on the Joseph Story Arc


The iBIBLE team of artists will soon begin creating sketches for Joseph’s story arc (iBIBLE Chapters 20–26) which will put us right in the middle of archaeological Egypt. Today, we will take a look at the preparations that have gone into this next big phase of iBIBLE.

Thebes Middle Kingdom

iBIBLE archaeological researchers have spent months searching through a vast amount of research papers, books, and commentaries in search of the available evidence and expert opinion about what the culture, the environment, and life would have been like during this time in history. An incredible amount of information has been collected by the end of the research phase; however, for that research to be useful, it is important for it to be condensed and presented in such a way that the artists will be able to use it in their illustrations.

The goal of the research department is to provide the best reference options for the artists based on available evidence and consensus. Once research is complete, the team prepares reference art. These artist presentations will help the illustrators to get the information they need without spending hours combing through information collected by the research team.

farming life

Here are some of the artist guides being prepared for the story of Joseph:

- Artist renderings of the city of Thebes
- Farming life in Egypt: tools, fields, and animals
- Life of a scribe in Egypt: tools and customs
- Paddle boats and sailboats of Egypt

These guides will allow the artists to draw the scenes of Joseph in Egypt, in prison, and at the court of pharaoh, etc. as accurately as possible, bringing to life the Divine narrative for the first time in this unique and amazing way!


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Paddle Boats

Producer kit

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