Pre-Production 3D Modeling

As the pre-production elements near completion for the remaining Genesis chapters of iBIBLE, the pre-production team is turning their eyes to what’s next: the book of Exodus!

Pre-production encompasses all of the research, sketches, archaeological data gathering, and prototypes that go into making iBIBLE as accurate as possible. As this phase begins for the book of Exodus, we have begun employing 3D modeling for elements that are repeated throughout. The book of Exodus is full of such items!

3D modeling provides artists with guides and models of repeated items, scenes, and other story elements so they can make sure that the proportions are correct. After an item is modeled, it is possible to trace over the shapes, rather than having to recreate them from scratch for every single image. This provides consistency throughout different scenes and chapters of iBIBLE and even speeds up the creation process. Let's look at the creation of the tabernacle and how the iBIBLE team utilizes 3D modeling in to bring this important place to life.

The instructions provided in Exodus regarding the tabernacle are very detailed about how it was made, yet certain elements are more open to interpretation than others.

While 3D modeling does not include all of the details that a beautiful final image will have, it does reveal the structure of the tabernacle. This allows the artists to invest their time making the details of the tabernacle amazing!

Here is a look at the 3D modeling for the tabernacle.

The tent exterior is described in Exodus 26:15–29. In the image above, you can see the upright frames of acacia wood for the tabernacle at the front (v. 15), 20 posts on the south side of the tabernacle (v.18–19), and two frames for the back corners of the tabernacle (v. 23). These are the key verses that iBIBLE team used to determine the size and shape of the tabernacle for 3D modeling of this location.

The interior of the tabernacle includes the veil of blue, purple, and scarlet yarn and finely spun linen (Exodus 26:36). The details will need to be added later by artists, but you can see the placement of the curtains in the image above. To the right of the center curtain is the Most Holy Place, where the mercy seat of the ark of the testimony is placed (Exodus 26:34). To the left of the internal curtain, the table and the lampstand are placed (Exodus 26:35). You can see those items in more detail below, and you can read more about them and other aspects of the tabernacle in Exodus 25–27.

Our goal is to bring the story of Scripture to the ends of the earth with iBIBLE. By refining our production pipeline by adding new processes like 3D modeling, we hope to bring a consistent, beautiful product to the world for FREE even faster. Thank you for walking with us through the exciting pre-production work that has begun on the book of Exodus. Please continue to pray for wisdom, discernment, and God’s blessing as we continue this project. Thank you so much for journeying with us!

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