New Genealogy Style

So far, in animating the book of Genesis, we have created several genealogies. From Adam to Noah, then on through Nimrod, we have revealed the lineages through short “burst shots.” Today, we are excited to show you a new style of genealogy that we will be using in future iBIBLE episodes.

There is a slightly different art style used for genealogies from typical iBIBLE artwork. This way, it is made clear that this is different content than the rest of the episode. For the first genealogy, the background looks like a parchment page, showing that this was a family line, rather than a group of people who were all living at the same time. This genealogy appears in iBIBLE Storybook, Volume 1 and covers the timeline between iBIBLE Chapters 1 and 3. 


The second genealogy also begins with Adam and Eve, and shows the generations to Noah, through Seth. This appears in iBIBLE Chapter 4. It uses the same art style as the first, with the parchment background and lines delineating the order of birth.

Adam geneology

The third genealogy was created with a slightly different art style. Instead of the bold lines and stark contrast in colors seen previously in iBIBLE, there is a shift to something more artistic. Each character fades in and out, with a more organic texture flowing behind them.

Noah geneology

The latest genealogy will take us from Shem to Abram, spanning a period of approximately 290 years, showing Shem through Abram and his brothers. In this new art style, the perspective travels through the landscape, illustrating the passing of time. The lines in the illustration are softened and more of a watercolor approach is taken to show the characters in this genealogy, creating a style that stands out from the iBIBLE chapter art.

Shem geneology

Genealogies are a part of the Bible that many people skip over. iBIBLE will bring all of the parts of the Divine narrative to life—including the genealogies! With family context, the characters will be shown in their place in the narrative of Scripture. Several art styles will be used, therefore, to reveal these family connections in a powerful way.

Thank you for your part in helping us to fulfill our mission to bring the whole Divine narrative to the ends of the earth. Thank you for your prayers, your words of encouragement, and your financial gifts. With your help, there will people all over the world who will be able to experience God’s Word for the very first time through iBIBLE. Thank you for journeying with us.

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