Nailed to a Cross

The saving work of Christ was accomplished through His suffering and death on the cross. Historical accuracy in the details of the Crucifixion is important to help us understand the sacrifice He made for our sins. Go behind-the-scenes of the iBIBLE Salvation episode as we take a look at the illustration of the nails as they were driven into Jesus’s hands.


In ancient Rome, crucifixion was one of the most agonizing forms of execution used for serious offenses. The hands and feet of the offender would have been nailed to the cross as it lay on the ground, before being lifted upright with the person attached. After His resurrection, Jesus showed Thomas the scars from these nails, “See my hands and my feet, that it is I myself. Touch me, and see” (Luke 24:39a).

In the iBIBLE image below, the nail is driven into Jesus’s hand. People often believe that the nails were driven through His palms, and that is what is commonly shown. Notice that the nail is driven into the upper part of His wrist in the iBIBLE art. This is where they were historically driven during a crucifixion.

colorRoman nails would have been seven to nine inches long and made of heavy iron. Ancient Roman nails are still being found in caves and archaeological digs from Mesopotamia to Great Britain because they were made of long-lasting and strong materials. The nails in the iBIBLE Salvation episode are modeled after these ancient nails, such as the one pictured.


Depicting crucifixion, though the images may be difficult to see, helps not only to show the reality of Christ’s death, but also helps viewers to understand that this was a real, historical event that can change lives today. The one true story of the Divine Narrative is important for people of all ages, languages, and people groups to hear and understand. You can help bring the story of salvation to the world today by helping finish the iBIBLE Salvation episode!

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