Judah's Sacrifice

In Genesis chapter 44, we read an account of Joseph’s brothers leaving Egypt with many bags of grain so that they could survive the famine in their homeland. Little did they know that Joseph slipped a silver cup into the bag of Benjamin, the youngest brother. After the trap was set, Joseph ordered his steward to go out to intercept them on the journey home. Step behind the scenes of iBIBLE to see how this pursuit and an unexpected intercession unfolded.


The image above shows the chariots and their drivers in hot pursuit of the Israelites. Since Joseph’s brothers were on foot with pack animals, it was inevitable that the Egyptians would overtake them. The following image shows the charioteers surrounding the brothers in an open space. The panoramic view does an effective job of showing the tension of the situation and what was at stake: the safety and livelihoods of Joseph’s brothers.


Once the brothers arrived back in Egypt, Joseph confronted them, saying that the one who “stole” the silver cup must be his slave (Genesis 44:17). The next scene depicts Judah, one of the brothers, coming forth to intercede on behalf of Benjamin.

Judah implores Joseph, who has yet to disclose his identity, to take him as a slave instead of Benjamin. The animations show Judah’s furrowed brow and sorrowful eyes as he makes his case. The incident deeply moves Joseph and led him to tell his brothers who he really was.


Judah gave himself up to save the one he loved. Jesus made a similar kind of sacrifice on behalf of all of us, putting Himself in our place and taking our sins away. In this way, Judah is a powerful symbol of the future redemption to be found in Christ’s salvific work.

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