iBIBLE Production Part 8: Turning iBIBLE into an Interactive Book

From initial research to line art to special effects, each and every step of the iBIBLE creation process is done with meticulous precision and is covered in prayer. Bringing the entire Divine narrative to life is a huge task, and we are called by Jesus to bring His Word to the world (Matthew 28:19). How does iBIBLE do this? Through making the one true narrative of Scripture not only Biblically accurate and visually beautiful, but also interactive.

ibible phone

iBIBLE is not simply another Bible animation or video rendition of select Bible stories. iBIBLE uses sight, sound, text, and touch to make it engaging and meaningful to people of all abilities. Following the addition of special effects that we discussed last week, the next step in the creation of iBIBLE is to put it into the interactive format designed specifically for iBIBLE. Let’s take a look at the unique features of iBIBLE’s interactive design.

Each chapter of iBIBLE begins with a scene of an angel removing a book from a shelf and opening it. On the spine, you will see the words “Word(s) + Yahweh” written in Hebrew. This is the Hebrew way of saying "the Word of God." It is our great desire for iBIBLE to not only share the one story of Scripture with those who cannot read, but to instill a thirst for the Bible itself into those that have access to a Bible and simply chose not to read it.

Once the book is opened, the viewer is taken inside, and personally drawn into the story.

The Word of God in Hebrew on the spine of the Bible in iBIBLE's opening sequence

There are 31,102 verses in the Holy Bible. However, many of them are repetitive. For example, the four gospels include many of the same stories. 40% of the Bible is also narrative, meaning it tells us what is visually seen or transitions from story to story. iBIBLE will include 5,000+ verses of Scripture to create a script that is 98% Scripture. The remaining words are transitions to carry the story, such as “then,” “this,” “and,” etc.

The edges of the book remain throughout each episode of iBIBLE as an anchor to remind viewers that the story they are watching is in the Book. iBIBLE, after all, is not just any story, it is the one Divine narrative as revealed in the Holy Bible.

As users turn the pages of iBIBLE, they will interact with the story in a similar way as reading a physical book. This not only enhances the experience for the user, but it also draws the user’s attention to the story. This is just one way we push back against today’s tendency to watch multiple screens at once. Through interacting with the “pages,” users are drawn into the story of Scripture, making it an active experience, rather than passive media consumption.

Animation of iBIBLE Chapter 1. The page turns from Adam in the garden to the two trees

Because RevelationMedia is committed to making iBIBLE available to as many people as possible, we are developing a one-of-a-kind app which will allow people all over the world—in as many languages as possible—to access the grand narrative of Scripture, with additional resources for teachers, families, individuals, and kids. Each book “spread” will be a unique video which tells a piece of the story of Scripture.

If you have seen an episode of iBIBLE, then you may have noticed that every word spoken or narrated appears on screen. Each character’s words are identified by the speaker’s name in bold, with their words following behind. This clearly communicates not only what is being said, but who is saying it, making it possible for those who have hearing difficulties to feel drawn into the drama of the presentation.

The words on the screen are also presented as they would be in a book, rather than traditional closed captions. Each line of text is considered along with the design of the spread, and so even when the video or app is paused, iBIBLE gives the visual sense of a book.

iBIBLE Chapter 3. Cain receives the mark from God

As each episode comes to a close, the book on screen closes for the viewer, just as any book is closed until opened to enjoy once again.
Believe it or not, Americans struggle with literacy rates. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, 43 million US adults have low literacy skills. And, despite massive improvements in literacy rates throughout the world, still some of the poorest countries in the world remain largely illiterate. Surely, Bible comprehension is even worse. For people struggling with literacy, be it a learning difficulty or disinterest, having added layers of communication is pivotal in producing lasting understanding—especially when we’re talking about the Bible.

iBIBLE meets this need through a multi-sensory approach.

Watch: iBIBLE uses vibrant animation to convey the Biblical stories in an engaging way to all ages.

Listen: Skilled actors portray Biblical characters and narrate Biblical stories. Those who cannot read are able to hear the stories in their own language.

Read: On-screen text provides an opportunity for the hearing-impaired to engage with iBIBLE content.

Touch: In the forthcoming iBIBLE app, readers are able to interact with the Biblical stories, swiping to see new content, and clicking on characters to reveal more information.
The choices that RevelationMedia has made about what appears on-screen for iBIBLE is therefore very intentional. We want people who have never engaged with the Word of God to have the opportunity to do so, even if they cannot read, hear, or fully comprehend. We want to equip frontline missionaries with a helpful tool so they can minister effectively in all different areas of the world.

Did you know that, when complete, a new convert can watch the entire narrative of Scripture presented in iBIBLE in approximately 18 hours? That’s about two and a half weeks of watching an hour a day, and the person watching will have a comprehensive understanding of the entire Biblical story. Imagine the impact on new converts all over the globe!

With your help, your prayers, and your financial gifts, we will be able to bring iBIBLE to the whole world for FREE. It will be free to license, free to translate, and free to distribute, meaning that people in the most remote areas of the world will be able to engage with the Word of God in a way they never have been able to before. Join us today as an iBIBLE Producer and help bring this project to life. Let us bless the nations with God’s Word in a way they can understand—through sight, sound, and touch.

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