Creating a Single Page of iBIBLE

Creating a Single Page of iBIBLE

From script to animatics, from animation to final render, there are many steps that go into a single page of the iBIBLE. Today, we will give you an overview of the workflow and creativity that is necessary to produce one single page spread (left and right hand page).


For each spread, we go through the Bible verse by verse to extract the narrative. We start with three primary Bible versions: The King James Version “KJV,” the Complete Jewish Bible “CJB,” and the English Standard Version “ESV.” We then research other translations and historic Jewish writings. Our goal is to be accurate to Scripture as much as possible, and present the narrative in a chronological timeline.

Character Creation:
Who is in this passage? What are the characters like? How old are they? We look at the characters in the passage, and discover as much as we can about their personalities. Some characters also appear multiple times throughout the narrative at different ages. iBIBLE users will also be able to research each character as they appear in the Scriptures.

iBIBLE image of Noah showing character sketches and then final images of Noah younger and him aged.Noah - Character Sketches, Younger and Aged

Completed iBIBLE image of Noah when he is younger standing in from of the Ark he is buildingCompleted iBIBLE image of Noah when he is older and the ark is more complete.

Noah - Complete Page Spread

Background Images:
Next in the pre-production process, we design all the props (tents, tools, animals, etc.) and landscapes for each scene. As we progress through the timeline, we have more and more historic imagery to pull from.

Voice Talent:
We work with multiple agencies to cast the right voice talent for each character, and record the final voices in a professional sound studio under the supervision of the director.


Animatics are rough sketches that show each scene on the spread, the location of the individuals, and the action that is taking place. We go through a number of animatic sequences to give the artists clear direction for drawing each scene and creating the final animation.

Animatic iBIBLE image of the life of Jacob

Life of Jacob - Animatic

Line Art:
The artists use the animatics to create detailed line art of each scene. Traditionally, this is done with pencil and then with pen. However, our team uses tablets to digitally create each drawing so that we can maintain a high resolution. This makes it possible to watch the iBIBLE on a phone, on a computer, or even through a video projector. All of the artwork is created to be projected up to 108 inches.

iBIBLE line art sample image of the life of Jacob

Life of Jacob - Line Art Sample 1

iBIBLE line art sample two of the life of Jacob

Life of Jacob - Line Art Sample 2

After the line art is approved, each scene goes to the colorist. Color is very important to each scene because it helps convey drama and emotion. This is where the beauty of iBIBLE comes to life with vibrant colors and artistic interpretation.

Final color iBIBLE image of the life of Jacob

Life of Jacob - Color

Animation is the final step in the production stage. Movements are added to characters, animals, and sometimes other objects like trees and plants. The characters’ mouth movements are also synced with the dramatic audio.


All animated files have to go through a rendering process which combines all of the layers of artwork into a single file. Rendering is done on high performance computers that we built specifically for this process because it can take hours and even days to render a single page spread.

Special Effects:
Special effects are added in the post-production phase. These effects may include dust, light rays and/or water and fire. Special effects are the final touches that bring the scene to life.

Music and Sound Effects:
Completed scenes are sent out for an original music score and then sound effects are added. Music and sound effects create the mood, and greatly enhance the drama of each scene.

Life of Jacob - Music and Effects

Once all three phases are complete and all the audio is mastered, the scene is ready to be published and watched online and, soon, on the iBIBLE app. The video and audio files are separated to allow for easy translation of the iBIBLE into any language.

Sample Final Page Spread as SEen in the iBIBLE App

Pages are then combined to create an iBIBLE chapter. Each chapter consists of 8–12 page spreads. As chapters are completed, they will be copied onto DVDs, published online, and available in the upcoming iBIBLE app.

As you can see, there are significant steps to every spread within iBIBLE. The total time to complete just one spread of iBIBLE can exceed 500 man-hours. And, there will be an estimated 1,500 spreads (3,000 pages) within iBIBLE.

While the process of creating iBIBLE can be lengthy, we are committed to producing a high-quality product that will impact the world. No product like iBIBLE has ever been created before and we feel its time has come. iBIBLE will allow viewers to fully engage in the narrative of the Holy Scriptures from Genesis to the final Revelation. Thank you for your support.

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