Announcing the First iBIBLE Storybook

We are excited to announce that the iBIBLE storybook containing the first three chapters of iBIBLE has entered the typesetting phase. Featuring the same beautiful art found within iBIBLE, the storybook includes the Bible-based script used in iBIBLE and conveys the Biblical narrative in a beautiful and engaging format. When all of the volumes are complete, they will contain the entire Divine narrative of Scripture.


RevelationMedia is committed to creating and distributing quality Christian content to the ends of the earth, and this storybook is a fantastic example of this mission. Even at this stage, some of our translation partners are already working to translate the storybook for simultaneous release in languages from around the world. In fact, we are currently producing content in over 25 languages!

Storybook -Adam

While the iBIBLE app is the primary avenue for releasing iBIBLE to the world, with the goal of reaching those who are illiterate or not engaged with the Scriptures, we continue to find more ways to bring the important story of the Bible to all people in the world.

Storybook 2

Right now, school libraries and classrooms are interested in iBIBLE storybooks. We have ministry partners in the Middle East who have also expressed interest in this project. While these stories will reach the ends of the earth with the message of the Bible in many world languages, these storybooks are also a great way to minister to our children and grandchildren here in the US as well.

Storybook - Cain

Prayerfully consider partnering with us in our mission to complete the world’s first animated and visual Biblical narrative—soon available also in storybook form! With your help, we will reach our children, grandchildren, and support the global missions community with the Divine narrative of Scripture. Become an iBIBLE Producer today and support this God-sized task.

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