A Terror from God

See a new scene from the upcoming Episode 23 of iBIBLE—The Attack on Dinah. Take a look with us behind-the-scenes at one particular scene from this episode. See how the video illustrates the terror from God, which fell on the cities surrounding Jacob and his family as they travelled

After Jacob had confronted Simeon and Levi about the slaughter of the men of Shechem, God called him to take his family and go to Bethel to settle there and build an altar to Him. Jacob had his family get rid of the foreign gods in their possession, purify themselves, and put on new clothes (see Genesis 35:1–2). Jacob was afraid that his sons’ actions towards the people of Shechem would cause the surrounding cities to attack them—but the Lord had a plan to protect them.

And while they were traveling toward Bethel, a terror from God fell upon the cities around them so that none of them pursued the sons of Jacob. —iBIBLE Episode 23

line 1

A “terror from God” fell on the cities and none of the people in the towns they travelled by attacked them. We don’t know what this terror was. It could have been a physical, emotional, spiritual, or even psychological terror. Because iBIBLE is showing the Bible visually, a physical representation of this terror was chosen to show God’s protection.

line 2

Lightening was used to illustrate the terror from God on the cities. Not only is lightening generally frightening in most cultures, but it also has a vertical movement. This motion provides a visual that the terror was from God on these cities.


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