3D Library

As we work to create the world’s first presentation of God’s Divine narrative, we continue to find ways to maximize the quality of the animation and make best use of the funds available to create iBIBLE. Today, let’s take a look at one of the newest tools that the iBIBLE team is developing for use in iBIBLE: a library of 3D elements.

In each iBIBLE scene, just like the real world, there are elements that appear often. In a landscape, there are many of the same type of trees, plants, and rocks. The sky is made up of many stars and multiple clouds. Often we see groups of sheep, or other livestock grazing together. There are so many instances where this is true in the Divine narrative. Let's take a look at smoke and fire as it appears in different situations in iBIBLE.

Abram sacrifice

Once the various elements of a flame are created to be seen from one angle, they are illustrated in three dimensions so that they can be rotated. After the flames are created for the initial scene in iBIBLE and moved to 3D, they are ready to be placed in a “library” to reuse later in the narrative.

In iBIBLE Chapter 8, we see flames that shine on the altar as Abram makes a sacrifice. Later in the same episode, we see flames appear again—this time, in the light of a torch. Beginning with the flame developed for the altar scene, different filters are added to adjust for the time of day and the unique situation of being on a torch. While the situation the flame is used in may be different, the ability to pull it from a 3D library and use it again in iBIBLE is big benefit to the animation team and allows a higher quality of animation without increasing the cost of iBIBLE.

pot fire

Below, you can see some elements that will be kept in the 3D library.

- Clouds and other details of the sky, including birds that can be flying overhead
- Trees, grass, and other plants
- Many different kinds of animals
When any of these elements appear in different scenes from different angles and perspectives, they will not need to be redrawn every time. This will also help with accuracy and speed of animation.

leaving ur

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