The Passing of Time

When illustrating iBIBLE, the artists use different techniques to help visually show time passing. In today’s behind-the-scenes look at iBIBLE, the growth of the tamarisk tree of Abraham is used to show a gap of time in his story.

Abraham planted a tamarisk tree in Beersheba after making a covenant with Abimelech (see Genesis 21:33). After Abraham planted the tree and praised God, a long period of time was indicated before the next part of his story. The tamarisk tree that he planted is used in the iBIBLE episode to show this progression of time to the next event.

image 1

In iBIBLE Episode 15, the growth of the tamarisk tree represents several things for the viewer: the passing of time; the keeping of Abraham’s covenants with Abimelech and God; and the development of the area that Abraham had chosen to live in—Beersheba. These abstract concepts are presented visually to help the viewers of iBIBLE fully grasp how much time has passed.

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The techniques in iBIBLE episodes are intended to help the reader, watcher, and listener fully grasp the Word of God. Your support helps us bring the one true story of the Bible to the ends of the earth in an engaging, beautiful format. Please prayerfully consider a donation to help support the production of iBIBLE and continue to pray as we work toward this God-sized goal of producing the world’s first ever visual and interactive presentation of the whole Divine narrative!

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