The Banners of Israel

This is the final behind-the-scenes sneak peek before the launch of all 42 episodes of iBIBLE Genesis on a brand-new interactive App! Very soon, you will be able to access all of iBIBLE Genesis and see all the behind-the-scenes material we've shown you over the past months come to life.

The end of Genesis involves a lot of looking forward. Last week, we saw how Jacob prophesied about his sons’ futures. He used several animal metaphors, like the doe, wolf, and lion, to depict the personalities and destinies of Naphtali, Benjamin, and Judah. Jacob also spoke over the sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh. Shockingly, Jacob foretold that Ephraim, the younger son, would become the greater nation. Below is an image Ephraim and Manasseh, artistically rendered in the iBIBLE prophetic/dream style, with each brother bearing his own banner.


Later in the Biblical Narrative, all 12 tribes of Israel would march under their own unique banners. You will be able to see those come to life as iBIBLE continues to unfold! The iBIBLE art team was inspired in the making of these banners by the most ancient type of flag known to exist. These flags would be square patches of canvas held within metal frames. Ancient peoples also used “standards,” or metal posts with certain emblems or carvings mounted at the top, as you can see below.


The use of a standard is also recorded in the book of Numbers when the people of Israel were stricken with snakes in the wilderness. God told Moses to make a “bronze serpent” and set it on a pole, or “standard” (Numbers 21:9).

The prophecies at the end of Genesis speak to God’s continued covenant with His people, leading all the way to the coming of Christ, Who, like the bronze serpent in the book of Numbers, was raised up on the cross for the forgiveness of sins.


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