iBIBLE Translator

Of the 7,000+ living languages in the world today, 4,000 of these are written, and less than 700 languages have a complete Bible.

Experts agree most unreached people groups cannot read or comprehend a print Bible. Even in developed nations, reading comprehension is in decline as younger generations consume visual media on digital screens.

The iBIBLE is unique with a free license to translate into any of today’s 7,000+ languages. The Translator feature of the app will allow local partners to record the audio in any language, right from their smartphone. ANY community, speaking ANY language, can directly take part in producing a visual Bible in their own language or dialect.

For written languages, partners can use the iBIBLE Translator feature to submit replacement words for their iBIBLE language. There is no cost or restriction outside of becoming an approved iBIBLE Translation Partner.

With this open-source translation tools and free license for approved partners, we will have, for the first time in history, a system to reach all 7,000+ living languages with God’s Word.