Watch the Newest Chapter! Job (Part 1): Tribulation

Today, we want to thank you for all of your prayers, and your financial gifts that have made iBIBLE possible. Because of the faithful support of friends like you, we are able to continue our work in researching, scripting, drafting, designing, and producing new chapters of the first ever visual narrative presentation of the entire Bible: iBIBLE.

It is our joy to present to you the newest chapter of iBIBLE, Job (Part 1): Tribulation that we released on Sunday. After a long process of updating the art and script of the story of Job, we have now completed the first of four parts that cover this well-known book of the Bible. To learn more about the updates that we made to this chapter, you can read previous Behind the Scenes emails: "Before and After: the Book of Job" by clicking here, and “Enhancing the Story of Job” by clicking here. Please watch and enjoy the newest chapter of iBIBLE and share with all of your friends and family.

Job YouTube.

Click here to watch Job (Part 1): Tribulation

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